Keeping playgrounds compliant, fun and open - just as they should be. Play Matta™ Original is a category leading safety surfacing solution, empowering kids from the ground up to explore their abilities.

Layers of Play Matta Original safety surface

Why Play Matta™ Original?

Play Matta™ Original is a two layered surfacing solution which couples the cushioning of rubber, with the exceptional durability of safe flexible PVC. Designed to give years of trouble free play for kids, parents and play space operators alike.

Thanks to its hard-wearing and low maintenance qualities, Play Matta™ Original is the perfect choice to protect your playground investment, and the kids that enjoy it, now and into the future.

Key Features

Play Matta tile composition

Up to 4.5 metres of fully compliant impact protection

Matta 6-Year Product Warranty

Young child falls onto safety tiles

Weatherproof, UV & fire resistant

Matta team member installs outdoor safety surface tiles

Low maintenance & free draining

Colour options to match your space

PM Light GreyPM Light Grey
PM Light Grey
PM Mid GreyPM Mid Grey
PM Mid Grey
PM Dark GreyPM Dark Grey
PM Dark Grey
PM Light GreenPM Light Green
PM Light Green
PM Mid GreenPM Mid Green
PM Mid Green
PM Dark GreenPM Dark Green
PM Dark Green
PM Light BluePM Light Blue
PM Light Blue
PM Mid BluePM Mid Blue
PM Mid Blue
PM Dark BluePM Dark Blue
PM Dark Blue
PM Light BrownPM Light Brown
PM Light Brown
PM Mid BrownPM Mid Brown
PM Mid Brown
PM BlackPM Black
PM Black
PM RedPM Red
PM Red
PM OrangePM Orange
PM Orange
PM YellowPM Yellow
PM Yellow
PM Bright GreenPM Bright Green
PM Bright Green
PM Bright BluePM Bright Blue
PM Bright Blue
PM PurplePM Purple
PM Purple
PM WhitePM White
PM White

Your Brand Colour

We can create a custom colour tile for large run.


Product Specifications & Certification

PM Original Tile: Tile Only // 25mm thick // 0.3m CFH
B System: Tile + B Shock Pad // 57mm thick // 1.7 CFH
A System: Tile + A Shock Pad // 95mm thick // 2.9m CFH
A+B System: Tile + A + B Shock Pads // 127 mm thick // 4.5m CFH

Critical Fall Height compliance to AS/NZS and BS EN Standards. Click below to download the Play Matta Original Product Information Sheet.

Specifier Information

Specifying Play Matta Original on your next project? Click below to download our Playground Safety Tile Specifications.


Download our Play Matta™ Original brochure here.

Play Matta™ Original is the perfect solution for:



Matta™ is the preferred supplier to a number of leading school districts and schools across Australasia, North America and the UK. Compliant impact protection, low maintenance and free draining for all season play - keeping kids on playgrounds and dirt and grime out of classrooms.
Public Playgrounds

Public Playgrounds

Keeping playgrounds open is our business. The preferred choice of landscape architects, maintenances personnel and kids alike. Play Matta™ is designed to keep public playgrounds compliant, open and free of repetitive and costly maintenance issues.


Play Matta products are used in gyms, fitness centres and outdoor fitness stations for their superior durability, ergonomic benefits and sound control.
Public Spaces

Public Spaces

Play Matta™ is well suited for all foot traffic applications - indoor or outdoor areas where safe footing, drainage and subbase protection (including grass retention) is required.
Nature Play

Nature Play

Play Matta™ is the perfect solution where ground water protection, grass retention and/or integration with natural play elements and other loose fill surfaces is required.
Water Play

Water Play

Play Matta™ provides a range of solutions for outdoor and indoor water play spaces requiring chemical and UV resistivity, high drainage and play-appropriate traction underfoot.


A well-installed and maintained Play Matta™ playground (this requires a Play Matta Certified Installer), will last up to 10+ years. We have lifted and relayed, or repurposed product over 15 years old. See, for example, our Rocket Park NZ case study.

Play Matta™ Original is very low maintenance. Regular cleaning will prevent the build-up of dirt and grime ensuring the surfacing performs and looks at its very best.

Play Matta™ Original can be installed on either compacted base, or existing concrete / asphalt. While Play Matta™ Original can be self installed, installation by a Certified Installer is required for product and installation warranty accreditation.

Submit your quote inquiry through our contact page, or quote estimate page with your request details and one of our safety surfacing gurus will be in touch.

Play Matta Case Studies

Ivanhoe Girls' Grammar

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar recently installed Play Matta™ Original for their playground project.

Sirius College

Dallas Victoria
Sirius College chose Play Matta™ Original for their playground surface renovation project.

Armstrong Reserve Play Space

Newport, Victoria, Australia
Play Matta™ Original was selected for the Armstrong Reserve Playground in Latrobe Street, Newport.

Bargara Esplanade Turtle Park

Bargara, Queensland, Australia
February 25, 2023
An iconic Queensland playground gets a brand new Play Matta™ look!

Benoist Farms Elementary School

West Palm Beach, Florida, United States
March 31, 2023
Benoist Farms Elementary School replaced their old astro-turf with a new, eco-friendly and colorful Play Matta™ Original surface, providing a safe and cushioned play area for the students.

Northmore Elementary

West Palm Beach, USA
January 7, 2020
Sunny Florida is the backdrop to this great project that has brought new life to Northmore Elementary.

Hilleary Park

Poway, CA USA
April 15, 2016
Located in an incorporated community in San Diego County, this beautifully landscaped playground has brought a fresh new look to the community.

Villa Borba Park

Chino Hills, CA USA
August 15, 2017
Park playground set on a hill of new and upcoming community.

Heron Park

Auckland, New Zealand
May 6, 2011
Nestled in the leafy Auckland suburb of Waterview, Heron Park park is a well loved and used by the community. Play Matta Original surfacing was installed here over 10 years ago, and still looking fantastic today.

Community Park ReCover

Poway, California
April 11, 2021
Play Matta was selected by the City of Poway for re-covering the existing failed poured rubber surface. A great solution which revitalised the park and kept the existing poured rubber surface away from landfill.

Rocket Park Re-Cover

Auckland, New Zealand
April 11, 2021
The Rocket Park is an iconic central Auckland park loved by children for generations. After two decades of thousands of knocks and bumps, the 20 year old Matta mats were repurposed and replaced utlising the existing Matta shock pads - ready for the next generation of kids.


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