Work Matta™ Ergo is the perfect surface solution for matting on your boat while you enjoy your activities on the water. Proudly made in New Zealand, the Work Matta™ Ergo tiles guarantee craftsmanship and dedication to quality.

Work Matta™ ErgoWork Matta™ Ergo

Work Matta™ Ergo

For a stable surface in busy foot traffic situations Ergo tiles, at half the size and thickness of other Work Matta™ tiles, are extremely versatile and can be installed in configurations to suit most workplace situations.

Work Matta™ Ergo is designed with your comfort in mind, the tiles not only provide anti-fatigue benefits, but they are easy to install and clean, offer superior drainage, provide an anti-slip surface, and come with a 6-year warranty. New Zealand customers can now purchase Work Matta Ergo at our shop online.

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