Play Matta products are used in gyms, fitness centres and outdoor fitness stations for their superior durability, ergonomic benefits and sound control.

Play Matta™ ReboundPlay Matta™ Rebound

Play Matta™ Rebound

The Play Matta™ Rebound tiles are designed for indoor play and fitness spaces - providing a compliant and easy to clean surface for all ages and abilities.
Play Matta™ OriginalPlay Matta™ Original

Play Matta™ Original

The Play Matta™ Original surfacing product has been designed with children in mind, encouraging child initiated play and empowering kids to explore their abilities on a surface created for them.

Play Matta™ Rebound and Play Matta™ Original surfacing provide an excellent solution for indoor and outdoor fitness spaces, supporting the growing need for accessable fitness spaces in our communities. Play Matta enables individuals of all ages to access and use equipment safely, provides exercise appropriate traction underfoot, and promotes sound control and fall height compliance where needed.

Case Studies

Indoor Play Space

May 2024
Our client required a safe, durable surface for the fallzone of their indoor play space's slide.


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