Work Matta™ Comfort is an incredibly robust and ergonomic business-focused surfacing solution. Engineered to keep your standing staff safe, and your business in production, around the clock.

Person standing on Matta Comfort floor safety tiles

Work Matta™ Comfort - keeping you safely in production.

Work Matta™ Comfort is a modular safety surfacing solution that fights fatigue, keeping your standing workers alert, productive and safe.

Work Matta is chosen by industry leaders across the globe for its indisputable durability, class leading warranty, and proven ergonomic and anti-fatigue benefits. Manufactured from safe and hard wearing recycled materials in accordance with ISO H&S and Quality Safety Standards.

Key Features

Person stands on black Matta tiles in business setting

Industry leading ergonomic and anti-fatigue support

Matta 6-Year Product Warranty (we're yet to find a warranty that will beat it)

Grey Work Matta safety flooring in industrial space

Engineered for manufacturing environments, including assembly lines and machining areas.

Close up of yellow Work Matta tile

Low maintenance, and easy to clean and relocate

Surface type & colour options to match your space

Comfort Diamond Shield Comfort Diamond Shield
Comfort Diamond Shield
Comfort OpenComfort Open
Comfort Open
Comfort Smooth TopComfort Smooth Top
Comfort Smooth Top
Hi definition edgingHi definition edging
Hi definition edging
Colours for workspace definitionColours for workspace definition
Colours for workspace definition

Your Brand Colour

We can create a custom colour tile for large run.



WM Comfort: 500mm x 500mm x 25mm (0.25m2)
Weight: 3.2kg (Smooth Top), 3.0kg (Diamond Shield), 2.6kg (Open)
Material: 100% Recycled PVC

ADA, Fire, Slip and Abrasion compliant ASTM, AS/NZS, BS Standard.

Click below to download our Work Matta™ product specification sheet.

Safety Data Sheets

Click below to download the Work Matta™ Comfort Safety Data Sheet.


Click here to download our Work Matta™ brochure.

Work Matta™ Comfort tile is the perfect solution for:


Work Matta™ products can be found in manufacturing facilities across the globe. Chosen for their ergonomic benefits and ability to withstand the harshest environments.


Where production is king. Work Matta™ is the first choice of a number of leading automotive manufactures in the United Kingdom and North America.


When it comes to safety, second best is not enough. Work Matta™ safety tiles are the perfect solution for aeronautical manufacturers where worker and product safety is paramount.


Work Matta™ open surface products suit a wide variety of agricultural applications including dairy and equine.

Retail & Hospitality

Work Matta™ provides proven anti-fatigue benefits for staff required to stand or work in static positions for extended periods.


Work Matta Comfort™ is made from PVC recovered from the waste-cycle stream, using Matta's pioneering recycling technology. High quality Work Matta™ products are an environmental choice, and can be recycled in their turn.

Yes, Work Matta Comfort™ tiles are simple to install and very adaptable. They can be configured and re-configered for your workspace as required.

Work Matta™ Comfort tiles come with a 10-year manufacturers warranty. The unique design and robust injection-molded construction is extremely durable and easy to clean.

Submit your quote enquiry through our contact page, or quote estimate page with your request details and one of our Work Matta™ gurus will be in touch.

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