When it comes to safety, second best is not enough. Work Matta™ safety tiles are the perfect solution for aeronautical manufacturers where worker and product safety is paramount.

Work Matta™ ComfortWork Matta™ Comfort

Work Matta™ Comfort

The Work Matta™ Comfort range is robust and engineered to tolerate the heavy loads and harsh conditions associated with industrial and manufacturing environments.
Work Matta™ GritWork Matta™ Grit

Work Matta™ Grit

Work Matta™ Grit is a maximum grip, durable, slip-resistant surface finish that can be applied to a wide range of Work Matta™ tiles.
Work Matta™ ESDWork Matta™ ESD

Work Matta™ ESD

Electrostatic discharge – ESD – is a major concern for manufacturers and assemblers of electronic products. Effective, reliable ESD control can generate significant cost savings and production efficiencies.

Work Matta™ safety flooring tiles are chosen by aeronautical manufacturers for their no-compromise design, exceptional durability and health and safety benefits.

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