Although our safety surface tiles are heavy-duty and hardwearing, we aim to have the lightest possible impact on the environment. We use up to 85% recycled materials to create our range of recycled products. In fact, we've recycled over 60 million kg of PVC and Rubber and counting.

Birds eye view of playground safety surfacing

30+ years of recycling

Matta is proud to have pioneered recycling in New Zealand. Since 1992, we've turned over 60 million kg of trash otherwise destined for landfill (such as tires, cables, road cones and even gumboots) into highly durable and safe surfacing products that are recyclable in their turn.

Research and Development

We have a history of investment in research and development to ensure we stay ahead of the safety and compliance curve with the materials we source and use, and the safety solutions we design for our customers.

Recycling Process


Material sourcing

Waste plastic for top layer safety tiles are sourced from healthcare, construction and transport industries amongst others. Rubber buffings for the underlying shock pads are sourced from truck tire re-treading operations.

Washing & testing

Recycled plastic and rubber is washed and graded to ensure only quality materials are used for processing.  

Compounding & blending

Virgin plastic is compounded, and recycled plastic and pigments are blended, along with other additives to ensure product quality. Graded rubber buffings are mixed with binder and prepared for 'baking'.

Moulding & quality testing

Compounded and blended plastics are injection molded to form top layer tiles, and rubber buffings are 'baked' in a purpose built oven to form shock pads. Batches are tested for fall height attenuation and quality assurance.


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