The Work Matta™ ESD is used in a variety of industries - from telecommunications to engineering - for guaranteed ESD protection of sensitive electrical components.

Black electrical floor mat with cord sticking out

Why Work Matta™ ESD?

Uncontrolled discharge of electrostatic potentials – ESD – is a major concern for manufacturers and assemblers of electronic products. Effective, reliable ESD control can generate significant cost savings.

Work Matta ESD™ electrical safety mats are designed to safely dissipate or neutralise electrostatic charges without the need for ESD wristbands or footwear. All the while providing industry leading ergonomic support.

Key Features

Guaranteed ESD performance through the full volume of the tile.

Matta 10-Year Product Warranty

Category leading ergonomic support

Black boots standing on Matta work tiles

Guaranteed grounding system - no need for ESD footwear or wristraps

Surface options to suit your space

ESD Comfort Smooth TopESD Comfort Smooth Top
ESD Comfort Smooth Top
ESD Comfort Diamond SheildESD Comfort Diamond Sheild
ESD Comfort Diamond Sheild
ESD ExcelESD Excel
ESD Excel

Your Brand Colour

We can create a custom colour tile for large run.



WM Comfort / Excel ESD: 500mm x 500mm x 25mm (0.25m2)
Weight: 3.2kg (Diamond Shield), 3.4kg (Smooth Top), 3.0kg (Excel)
Material: ESD PVC

ANSI ESD, ADA, Fire, Slip and Abrasion compliant ASTM, AS/NZS, BS Standard.

Click below to download our Work Matta™  product specification sheet.

Safety Data Sheets

Click here to download our Work Matta™ Comfort ESD Safety Data Sheet.  


Click here to download our Work Matta™ brochure.

Work Matta™ ESD tile is the perfect solution for:


Work Matta™ products can be found in manufacturing facilities across the globe. Chosen for their ergonomic benefits and ability to withstand the harshest environments.


Where production is king. Work Matta™ is the first choice of a number of leading automotive manufactures in the United Kingdom and North America.


When it comes to safety, second best is not enough. Work Matta™ safety tiles are the perfect solution for aeronautical manufacturers where worker and product safety is paramount.


Static electricity is created when two objects touch or slide against each other, then separate, resulting in the transfer o electrons. Feet or furniture contacting and leaving the floor is a common cause in the Workplace. The resulting imbalance of electrons is called an electro static charge which remains latent on an object until it can discharge to another object of opposite polarity – creating an ESD event.

An ESD event, often too small to be detected by a human, can damage or even destroy sensitive electronic components. ESD damage can be categorised in two ways: (i) a catastrophic failure resulting in the immediate destruction of an item; or (ii) a latent defect resulting in a reduced life-expectancy of an item. Both types of damage can have serious financial impacts through increased quality-control failure rates for catastrophic events, and consumer poduct warranty claims for latent defects.

Absolutely. The Arrow Lock lug system is common across all Work Matta™ Comfort, Grit and ESD tiles, and are all interchangeable.

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