Work Matta™

Black safety boots on top of black industrial safety tile

Hard-wearing, anti-fatigue industrial safety flooring for hard-working spaces. Work Matta™ is engineered for industrial and commercial applications, where productivity and standing worker safety go hand in hand.

Work Matta™ Range

Work Matta™ Comfort

Anti-fatigue surfacing engineered to tolerate the loads and harsh conditions of industrial and manufacturing environments.

Work Matta™ Excel

A mid-compression flooring solution for commercial and agricultural environments where safety is paramount.
Work Matta Ergo tiles in open and closed surface

Work Matta™ Ergo

A lightweight, versatile and configurable surface for workspaces, wet areas and busy foot traffic situations.

Work Matta™ ESD

Effective, reliable ESD control can generate significant cost savings and production efficiencies.

Work Matta™ Grit

Work Matta™ Grit is a maximum grip, durable, slip-resistant surface finish that can be applied to a wide range of Work Matta™ tiles.

Work Matta™ is the perfect solution for:

Retail & Hospitality

Work Matta™ provides proven benefits for staff required to stand or work in static positions. Helping protect falling objects, assisting with sound control and providing exceptional traction under foot.


Work Matta™ safety flooring tiles are chosen by aeronautical manufacturers for their no-compromise design, exceptional durability and health and safety benefits.


Work Matta™ open surface products suit a wide variety of agricultural applications including dairy and equine. Especially where exceptional drainage and underfoot airflow capacity is required.


Work Matta™ is chosen by leading automotive manufactures in the United Kingdom and North America - extensively used in automotive production lines, work stations, paint shop and ESD sensitive environments.


From local engineering shops to industry leading production plants, Work Matta™ products can be found in manufacturing facilities across the globe. Chosen for their ergonomic benefits and ability to withstand harsh environments.
Black safety tile in manufacturing plant

Made in New Zealand.
Compliance & quality assured.

Work Matta™ products are designed and manufactured in New Zealand from 100% recycled PVC in accordance with ISO 45001 (Health & Safety) and ISO 9001 (Quality).
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