Work Matta™ Grit is a maximum grip, durable, slip resistant surface finish that can be applied to the Work Matta™ Comfort and Excel tile ranges.

Close up of Matta Grit industrial safety tiles in black

Work Matta™ Grit - grip where it matters most

Work Matta™ Grit tiles perform well in conditions where sure footing is paramount and safety may be compromised by slopes, fluids, dampness or industrial overspray.

The Grit finish can be applied to the Work Matta Comfort, Excel and Ergo range. All safety tiles retain the ergonomic benefits with the additional advantage of a high traction silicon carbide surface. The Grit surface isn't sprinkled on either - it's a category leading finish.

Key Features

Silicon carbide bonded surface providing maximum grip

Matta 10-Year Product Warranty

Excellent resistivity to most lubricants and chemicals

Interchangeable with other Work Matta™ tile types

Surface options to suit your space

Comfort GritComfort Grit
Comfort Grit
Comfort Open GritComfort Open Grit
Comfort Open Grit
Excel GritExcel Grit
Excel Grit
Hi-definition edgingHi-definition edging
Hi-definition edging

Your Brand Colour

We can create a custom colour tile for large run.



WM Comfort Grit: 500mm x 500mm x 26mm (0.25m2)
WM Excel Grit: 500mm x 500mm x 25mm (0.25m2)
Weight: 3.7kg (Comfort Closed), 2.9kg (Comfort Open), 3.3kg (Excel)
Material: 100% Recycled PVC - Silicon Carbide bonded surface

Click below to download our Work Matta™ product specification sheet.

Safety Data Sheets

Click below to download the Work Matta™ Comfort Grit Safety Data Sheet.


Click here to download our Work Matta™ brochure.

Work Matta™ Grit tile is the perfect solution for:



Work Matta™ products can be found in manufacturing facilities across the globe. Chosen for their ergonomic benefits and ability to withstand the harshest environments.


Where production is king. Work Matta™ is the first choice of a number of leading automotive manufactures in the United Kingdom and North America.


When it comes to safety, second best is not enough. Work Matta™ safety tiles are the perfect solution for aeronautical manufacturers where worker and product safety is paramount.


The Work Matta™ Grit finish can be applied to the Excel and Comfort range of products, which are made from either recycled or virgin PVC (depending on application). The Grit finish is a lathered silicon carbide product which is baked on to the surface using specialised heating tracks.

Yes, Work Matta™ Grit tiles are resistant to most common chemicals, oils, fluids and greases. If you have a specific chemical you are using onsite that you have concerns about, please contact us. We're happy to discuss.

Like all flooring products, the Work Matta™ Grit surface will wear out in time under heavy use. We're confident, however, that the Work Matta™ Grit finish is category leading and will outlast all competition.

Submit your quote enquiry through our contact page, or quote estimate page with your request details and one of our Work Matta™ gurus will be in touch.

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