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Why are there holes in Play Matta™?

December 13, 2022
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Why are there holes in Play Matta™?

Play Matta™ systems are high quality, cost effective, safety surfacing solutions that are designed specifically for playgrounds. Play Matta™ Original tiles have been engineered to include perforations in the surface and under-structure that contribute in several ways to the effective functioning of the safety surface:


Superior shock absorption

The perforations in Play Matta™ Original tiles create an intricate web of ‘bridges’ that flex under pressure to transmit the force of impact through the tile under-structure of compression columns, to be absorbed by the shock pad system beneath. By dispersing energy and minimising the harmful effects of impact in this way, Play Matta™ Original safety surfacing Systems achieve superior fall height protection results.


Self-draining and anti-slip

Play Matta™ Original tiles comply with slip resistance guidelines to provide superior traction levels in both wet and dry conditions. The perforated surface allows rain and water to pass through the tile, then through the permeable shock pad layer to ground, preventing pooling on the surface and run-off to the edges of the play area. Unlike sand or other loose fill playgrounds which can become wet and dirty, children can safely enjoy playing on Play Matta™ Original playgrounds in most weather conditions, as only residual water ever remains on the surface.

Thermal expansion and contraction

The perforated design of Play Matta™ Original tiles allows for the natural thermal expansion and contraction that occurs in all surfaces with changing temperatures. This movement can cause other types of surfacing to crack and disintegrate or buckle in the heat and split in the cold. The design of Play Matta™ Original tiles, specific protocols for playground installation and our patented Matta Wire Welding† procedure, ensures that Play Matta™ playgrounds can safely expand and contract in most climatic conditions with no detrimental effects.


More effective heat dissipation

Play Matta™ Original allows less heat gain than other solid surfaces such as poured-in-place, rubber tiles and asphalt. The tile perforations decrease the surface area exposed to radiant energy while increasing the total surface area of each tile. This allows more efficient heat dissipation through air contact and airflow through the play surface.


Frequently asked questions about the holes in Play Matta


Can children’s fingers become trapped in Play Matta?

After more than thirty years and thousands of playgrounds Matta Products is not aware of any instance of this occurring. The Play Matta™ Original surface complies with international entrapment guidelines and because the tile material is flexible(soft compared to timber or hard plastics) there would always be enough give to free small, exploring fingers.


Won’t high heels get stuck in the holes?

Most types of footwear are suitable on Play Matta™ Original surfaces. However, very thin stiletto heels can get caught. While high heels will not damage the robust tiles, we recommend avoiding wearing them on Play Matta™ or any other sports or play surfaces.


Will debris get into the mats?

Only small particles can get through the surface. Organic debris breaks down naturally, dispersing with rain through the channels under the tiles. Large amounts of leaves, twigs, etc should be swept or blown away. Sand filling holes will not affect the safety performance but can be removed with an industrial vacuum cleaner if desired. Unlike other types of surfacing, robust Play Matta™ is easy to keep free of dirt, broken glass, etc and will not degrade with a regular cleaning programme.