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The Work Matta™ Ergonomic Difference

November 22, 2022
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The Work Matta™ Ergonomic Difference

At Matta™ we realise that you can purchase a wide range of anti-fatigue matting from many supply outlets. However, Work Matta™ is special: Work Matta™ is unique in offering scientifically proven ergonomic health and safety benefits, while delivering outstanding value and guaranteed durability.

The results of extensive, rigorous and controlled testing by a team of independent ergonomists and human physiology specialists at an internationally-recognised university, show that the Work Matta™ range of safety surface flooring significantly reduces the perception of discomfort in the legs and lower backs of people standing for extended periods of time.

All Work Matta™ flooring tiles utilise a unique compression column construction, specifically engineered to encourage proper body alignment, while promoting a calculated degree of movement or ‘sway’. This almost imperceptible motion stimulates the muscles and promotes the efficient circulation of blood through he veins – especially in the legs – which is key to preventing worker fatigue and discomfort.

The network of compression columns that deliver the primary ergonomic function of Work Matta™ are on the underside of each tile and are not exposed to wear through use, meaning the ergonomic benefits of each tile remain constant overtime. This quality sets Work Matta™ apart from many other flooring options which depend on a cushioning top layer for effectiveness. This layer is prone to wear away, significantly reducing or eliminating any ergonomic benefits over the life of the surface.


Why is ergonomics important?

Oxygenated blood is pumped by the heart, through arteries, around our body which uses the oxygen as fuel. The blood then returns, via the veins, to our heart and lungs for ‘refueling’ and the process begins again with re-circulation of oxygenated blood through the arteries. Blood pressure and the normal contracting and relaxing of muscles around veins as we move, facilitates the return journey of blood through the one-way valve system in veins. This process can be inhibited when we have to stand on a hard surface or our movement is restricted for prolonged periods. Work Matta™ ergonomic flooring is designed to help promote efficient blood circulation.