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Play Matta™ Colours & Designs

December 2, 2022
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Play Matta™ Colours & Designs

Play Matta™ is manufactured in a wide variety of colours that make it easy to design interesting and inviting play spaces, adding long-lasting value to your playground. There are many layout possibilities using the Play Matta™ colour palette. Create an original surface design with your own combination of colours or base your playground on one of the existing Play Matta™ templates.

The modular design of Play Matta™ and variety of colours available help you create an environment that encourages child initiated play. Layouts can include circuits, meandering trails around play equipment, or use contrasting mats scattered over the playground to act as ‘bases’ or ‘safe areas’ when kids play chasing games. Classic games like hopscotch and four square can also be included in designs.

Our Standard colour range is the least costly to produce and are the lowest priced. Technical complexity and additional processing required to achieve our Bright colour range means a premium applies. We recommend using Standard colours as the main part of a surface and Bright colours as a feature or accent. We can also accommodate if you’re looking for a custom brand colour for a large run, so please get in touch.

Random three tone blue
Solid light green
Three tone blue check
Random blue, green & grey
Diagonal with blues
Four square & checkers
Three tone grey check
Concentric blue squares