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How Does Play Matta™ Re-Cover Work?

September 4, 2023
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How Does Play Matta™ Re-Cover Work?

Many beloved community playgrounds suffer from cracked and worn-out flooring, but  Play Matta™ Re-Cover offers a cost-effective and sustainable solution. Instead of sending the old rubber surface to a landfill, it's repurposed to maintain critical fall height attenuation.

Certified installers get to work, preparing the area for installation. They patch and cover the existing rubber with geotextile fabric to enhance durability. Then, Play Matta™ Re-Cover tiles are laid on top, with the flexibility to create unique shapes, colors, and patterns. Each tile is welded together for increased strength, providing a uniform surface. The borders are secured, and loose-filled surfacing is backfilled.

Within days the transformation is complete, a once-closed playground is rejuvenated for children and families to enjoy. Play Matta™ Re-Cover not only saves existing rubber surfaces but also offers a 6-yearwarranty for peace of mind. This sustainable choice is not just about protecting today; it's about safeguarding tomorrow and empowering kids worldwide to explore their abilities on a safe and eco-friendly surface.