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Bringing new life to old road cones

April 3, 2022
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Bringing new life to old road cones

Every year Fulton Hogan imports approximately 100 tonnes of road cones. They replace cones that have passed their use-by date due to wear and tear. With growing stockpiles of old road cones, the company was looking for ways to keep them out of landfill. And that's where we stepped in!

Fulton Hogan approached Matta™ over a year ago with a waste problem that they were looking to solve – thousands of road cones used in roading projects all over the country that were no longer fit for purpose due to wear-and-tear, fading and loss of luminosity.

Instead of sending these to landfill, Matta™ and Fulton Hogan have worked together to take one safety product that was at the end of its life and created a brand-new safety product out of it- our Play Matta™ and Work Matta™ products!

So far more than 10,000 cones have been recycled as part of the partnership – that’s 50 tonnes of flexible PVC that has been diverted from landfill, and if you stacked all those road cones end to end it’d be taller than 27 Sky Towers! Sourcing the waste fPVC product locally is key in Matta’s sustainability journey – it means the products are locally sourced, locally recycled, and locally manufactured.